Better Rename 10 App Reviews

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Excellent Utility App

I think it’s longevity in the Mac application world speaks to its outstanding usefulness. I’m new to this app and already can’t believe I’ve waited this long. If you have a long history of files like me (umm, dating to 1995), then this app is a savior! I’ve recent digitized thousands of negatives from the past, and together with an EXIF editor (MetaImage!) Better Rename 10 makes this job so much easier. Once properly tagged, BR10 can see the data and build custom file names so my image archive is organized exactly the way I need it. Oh, and it’s great at renaming all those “Screen Shot…” files that you want to keep! This is an incredibly useful app.

Perfect application for making my own rules.

This application is fairly intuitive and has the advantage of being able to write without much difficulty. However, users who are not familiar with English think that they can feel difficulty in certain sections. It seems that many users will be able to use it conveniently when various languages are added.

It’s by far the most comprehensive for this type of utility.

While there are apps like FileBot that do look-up based renaming for movies, TV shows and such, this does the best job at renaming for everything else.

Just downloaded. Works great.

I just downloaded this (April 11 2017) from the iTunes store. Seems to work great. I find it very handy to have files named with the date/time (to the second) and get tired of renaming manually. Sometimes I’m renaming close to a hundred files at a time. I was using another program that was free and useful but it was very limited. This has an incredible amount of flexibilty and it’s laid out in an easy to use/access/understand way. Like I say I just downloaded it so it might be a bit premature to praise so hightly but I’ll return if something goes askew. 20.00 was more than I wanted to pay but like I said I’m real tired of renaming manually and others I’ve seen don’t seem to have the features and ease of use this one does.

Current version is defective. Crashes. Wait for update.

It was working fine until I made the mistake of upgrading it. Now it crashes as soon as I try to add a group of files to be renamed, whether through the finder drag/drop or thorugh it’s own file open dialog.

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